Once again, we will be attending ‘Food Rocks’, the fabulous street food festival in August 2017 in Lyme Regis.

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What People Say

" Great coffee, great cake and great informative service. Will definitely be going back. Also bought some of there own roasted coffee beans. Hard to find good decaf beans anywhere but this place does." - Steveo1282

* Trip Advisor Comments

" As soon as we opened the door to what looks like someone's front room you are welcomed in a casual and relaxed and very friendly atmosphere....but the icing on the cake (which delicious varietys are on display) IS THE COFFEE!!!!
My husband loves coffee and will go to the ends of the earth but this time just in LYME REGIS!!!! A short walk up Silver street hill!!
We live the other side of Dorchester but well worth the car journey!We will be back regularly! "
-Debbie Arrabella

* Trip Advisor Comments